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About the Passiflora Society International

The society was founded by Ron Boender in 1990 to establish a central location for Passiflora enthusiasts to exchange information, obtain help with plant identification, and to locate seeds and plants. The PSI has members worldwide, with diverse interests ranging from amateur hobbyists to commercial growers and leading experts in the field. The society publishes a biannual newsletter, maintains the plant society collection database and both a domestic and international seedbank. We have yearly meetings at a variety of locations.

Some of our many accomplishments:

  • We have several hundred species and hybrids of Passiflora in cultivation.
  • We now have most of them correctly identified, and replicated in many locations.
  • We have saved some species from certain extinction.
  • We now have living Passiflora collections in many countries.
  • We have wonderful seed banks with more people learning how to produce fruits for seeds.
  • Our membership in Central and South America is increasing, providing access to species we have never seen.
  • Many of our members are taking trips to collect and observe additional species.
  • We have members creating spectacular hybrids.
  • We possess experts in the field, and can answer just about any question you may have about Passiflora.
  • Best of all, we are still finding new species almost every year!
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