Our Meetings

One of the cornerstones of the PSI has always been our annual meeting.  It is a joy to share knowledge, experience, and stories with so many people of like mind.  All Passiflora fanatics should try to attend as many meetings as possible, whether in the US, Europe, or elsewhere.

Below are the group images from each of the past meetings.  If you have a great group picture that we are missing, please contact us!

2016 – The Netherlands

2014 – Bristol, United Kingdom

2013 – Caribbean Cruise – Mexico, Honduras, Grand Cayman

Group in front of ruins

2010 – Cormoray, France

More photos: http://gardenbreizh.org/photos/Roc/album-27088.html

2009 – Florida, USA

2007 – Florida, USA

2005 – Florida, USA

2003 – Florida, USA  (Photo courtesy of Ian Webb)

2002 –   The Netherlands   (Photo courtesy of Ian Webb)

2001 –         (Photo courtesy of Ian Webb)

2001 – Florida, USA

1999 – Florida, USA

1997 – Florida, USA

1995 – Florida, USA

1993 – Florida, USA

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