Our Officers

President – Eric Wortman – USA

Eric is an amateur Passiflora grower and breeder living in Northern California.  He enjoys meeting other passionate growers, and is extremely involved in the international Passiflora community.  One of his primary goals is to unite Passiflora fans from all over the world into a cohesive, cooperative, communicative group.  His website is www.bloomingpassion.com.

The flower beside him is P. ‘Atropos’, by Wortman and Stone.




Vice President – John Vanderplank

Treasurer – Crystal Stone

IMG_9831Crystal loves many genera with her main passion being Passiflora.  She resides in Northern California and enjoys testing plants to their limit.  Crystal is a more of  a “behind the scenes” kind of girl, taking care of the things that keeps things going.  She enjoys meeting other Passiflora enthusiasts which allows her to discuss ideas, share experiences and learn new techniques.

Some of her goals include making the PSI more accessible to everyone and raising awareness to those who have never been introduced to these wonderful vines.

Her website is www.bloomingpassion.com


Secretary – Jorge Ochoa

Assistant Secretary – Timothy Skimina

Newsletter Editor – Rob McPhail

Membership Coordinator – Evelyn Persson- Talada

Registrar – Shawn Mattison

Special Projects Coordinator – Jim Nevers

Web Team:

Webmaster – Liza Rock

Web Admin – Dan Long

Photo Site – Stacy Pugh

Seed Bank Admin – Julie Hoffman


John MacDougal

Christian Feuillet

Yero Keuthe


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