Our Officers

President – Rob McPhail

The Netherlands

Vice President – John Vanderplank

United Kingdom


John Vanderplank was born in Tanzania and spent most of his childhood in East Africa.  He settled in the United Kingdom when his father retired from the Colonial Service in 1959. While still at school he started a small horticultural business, Greenholm Nurseries, with his father. On leaving school he studied commercial horticulture at the Somerset Farm Institute in Cannington.

His first encounter with passion flowers was strictly commercial with the nursery growing P. edulis and P. caerulea for the then fledgling garden centre trade. These were so successful that the range of varieties was increased initially to six and then to ten.

In 1983 Roy Cheek (of the National Council for the Conservation of Plants and Gardens) asked him if he would start a National Collection. By 1986 the National Collection of Passiflora boasted 150 species and cultivars and in 2004 John received the Brickell Award for Excellence in Cultivated Plant Conservation.

In 1991 his first book, Passion Flowers and Passion Fruit, was published and was followed by two later editions. In 2001 John was awarded a PhD for his work on the storage and longevity of Passiflora seed. While continuing this work he was made an Honorary Research Associate at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew in 2010.

Treasurer – Stefania Mattiuzzo


Stefania is from Rome,Italy with my profession as an accounting manager. I love unusual plants, of all Genus. I especially love climbers, Clematis and off course Passiflora are the queens in my garden and cold greenhouse. I love to experiment with germination in order to sow rare species or my hybrid seeds. Thanks to my hobby, I have found very much friends and contacts, from who I have learnt the secrets of cultivation and propagation. I’m trying to create cold hardy Passifloras to share, and some interesting results between my hybrids are already out there.

Secretary & Membership Coordinator – Stéphane Fehr – France

Newsletter Editor – Rob McPhail

Registrar – Robert Rice – United Kingdom

Special Projects Coordinator – Jim Nevers – USA

Webmaster – Liza Rock – USA

South American Representative – Sergio Lloreda – Colombia

Seed Bank Admin – Jorge Ochoa


Jorge has academic credentials from both Long Beach City College and Cal Poly Pomona. He is currently lead instructor for the Long Beach City College horticulture program. Jorge has a long history of chasing passionflowers and has journeyed throughout Central and South America in search of this unique group of plants.


John MacDougal

Christian Feuillet

Yero Keuthe


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