Seed Bank

The PSI seed bank is now accepting seed donation from members.  If you are interested in donating seed to the seed bank, please contact the seed bank curator Jorge Ochoa at

Jorge will provide additional information as well as a shipping label with an address for the seeds to be shipped to.

Please ensure that the seed meets the following packaging and shipping requirements:

  • A typed or legibly printed seed list/invoice accompanies each shipment with the name of the collector/shipper, the botanical names (at least to genus, preferably to species level) listed alphabetically, as well as the country of origin, and country shipped from, for each taxon. Each seed packet should be clearly labeled with the name of the collector/shipper, the country of origin, and the scientific name at least to the genus, and preferably to the species, level.
  • There are a maximum of 50 seeds of 1 taxon (taxonomic category such as genus, species, cultivar, etc.) per packet; or a maximum weight not to exceed 10 grams of seed of 1 taxon per packet;
  • There are a maximum of 50 seed packets per shipment;
  • The seeds are free from pesticides;
  • The seeds are securely packaged in packets or envelopes and sealed to prevent spillage [Note: we recommend that seeds are packed in re-sealable, clear plastic envelopes to facilitate inspection];
  • The shipment is free from soil, plant material other than seed, other foreign matter or debris, seeds in the fruit or seedpod, and living organisms such as parasitic plants, pathogens, insects, snails, and mites; and at the time of importation, the shipment is sent to an approved port of entry listed in the permit.


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