Please send in your pictures, news, and stories. Contributions to Passiflora may address anything related to passion vines. Photographs, travelogues, shared growing tips, first-hand experiences, feature articles, notes or short communications, book reviews, recipes, research papers, original artwork, puzzles, opinions, open letters and letters to the editor, and just about anything else you can think of related to passionflowers is acceptable and solicited.
Peer review is required only for articles involving new scientific names, but is available for any submission upon request. Reviewed articles will be indicated clearly by citation of the corresponding editors.
Submissions in any format and language are encouraged from anyone.

Photographs by themselves, with no accompanying written articles, are welcome. Submissions on disk, CD, DVD (any format, Windows, Mac, etc.) Or by e-mail (text or attached files of any type) are especially welcome, but even handwritten is fine. Artwork can be line drawings in pen and ink or a photograph, photocopy, digital photo, or digital file.

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