Passiflora Society International

Cultivation, new species, new cultivars

Moonlight bred by Annalisa Giovannini
Annalisa Giovannini
Debbie Marie Hescott bred by Martin Wills
'Debbie Marie Hescott'
Martin Wills
Yvan Vilain
Clay Dove
'Blue Fairy'
Mária Lukácsné Sárvári
'Pole Star'
Graeme Boocock
István Molnár
Nadine van Rüschen
'Piet en Marja Colet'
John Vanderplank
'John Kidd state 1'
John Vanderplank
'John Kidd state 2'
John Vanderplank
Samuel Ruiz Aranda
'Angel Rebelle'
Stéphane Fehr
'Pearl of Siam'
Yvan Vilain

Welcome to Passiflora Society International (PSI)

Our Mission

PSI is dedicated to the conservation of the genus Passiflora through

  • the sharing of knowledge of the genus, its species and cultivars throughout the world
  • the promotion of cultivation and propagation of living collections
  • encouraging the creation and registration of cultivars for their flowers, fruit and other characteristics
  • seeking ways to ensure the survival of endangered species and cultivars.

Our Activities

Our activities include:


New members are always welcome. Choose from two levels:


PSI is run by an elected Management Committee elected by premium members and chosen from them, with Officers appointed by the committee.

Volunteers are always welcome, especially with specific expertise – cultivation, taxonomy, plants, IT, publishing – tell us how you can help !

More information and contact

If you cannot find what you are looking for on this website, please complete the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.